Don’t be the cause be the solution, motivational speaker says

Mireya Diego, Editor

Having his life changed in an instant did not stop Tyson Dever from finishing what he started.   Because of a distracted driver, Dever was in a car accident during spring break while he was attending Texas State University on March 11, in 2005.

This accident caused him to become paralyzed from the waist down.

“I want everyone to understand that getting distracted while driving is not worth it,” Dever said.

Tyson grew up in Andrews with assistant principal Ben Huddleston. He played football, baseball, and was in band, but in college, after becoming paralyzed, he joined the wheelchair basketball team at his university.

Tyson came here four or five years ago speaking and motivating students. He was glad to be back to share his story with us.

He spoke about distracted driving and how it can change lives. He explained how we as humans don’t like change, but it takes change to make change.

His main reason to come speak to us is to help us understand how distracted driving can affect people in a big way.

“Don’t be the cause be the solution,” Dever said.