Students want more elective choices


C. Clark

Students make a video in Ms. Biggs class

Christian Martin, staff writer

Being a smaller school, our students are not able to have the choices of electives that larger schools offer. Some of our electives include art, theater, wood shop, and home economics.

Not that our current elective choices are dull, but the amount of elective choices our school offers is not enough. The amount of students in each high school class is greatly increasing. With more students there will be more personal interests.

Students decide on what electives they will be taking based on their interest in a specific subject. If a student is interested in enhancing a vehicle’s performance, that student would want to take an elective such as vehicular mechanics. What if the school that the student attends doesn’t offer vehicular mechanics? This student may begin to complain about how his/her school only offers the electives that he/she has no interest in.

Increasing the amount of elective choices would benefit our school and students in many different ways. Not only does it encourage student participation, it also gives students a chance to learn more about their personal interests. It may draw more attention to students looking for a school that offers choices that they may enjoy. It also may help a student in deciding what career they will pursue in their future.