Talking with the teachers may make learning more personal

Eric Flores, Voice editor

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In the classroom, the main priority is to analyze and learn what the teacher has prepared for the day. But some students go further and build teacher-student relations alongside their normal schoolwork.

Should students strive to build these relationships?

I believe that this is essential for the development of having mature, professional interactions with your peers.

A few benefits exist for having a bond with a certain teacher. It is hard going to a class and listening to a stranger. Sometimes, this can lead to a general dislike for the class. When a teacher reaches out to them, however, it can change the feeling of the whole class. A teacher-student bond can make learning easier because the teacher is not seen as an unapproachable authority figure but rather as an actual human being. These adults have lives, children, hobbies, and dreams just like everyone else. When a friendship is made, these little facts can help grow your own opinions of life itself.

Wisdom is one of the greatest tools a young person can be given. Life is experienced in many different ways. Teachers are no exception to the rule. That person lecturing in a monotone at the front of the class has seen happiness, sorrow, anxiety, and fear more than any of us can imagine. We, as teenagers, are at the very beginning of the roller coaster ride called life. And even though all of us will get our ups and downs in different places, it is the wisest who remind us that this seemingly eternal pain is not all life has to offer.

Granted, it is not a necessity to build bonds with your mentors. As time passes, many teachers will come and go. But, a teacher can teach us more than just the countries on a map or the points of a triangle. These mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons are living proof that there is always a challenge ahead that is possible to overcome. No matter what life may throw at you, there is someone who has lived through it and is willing to lend a hand.

Knowledge comes in many forms. It is human nature to learn and pass on experiences in hopes that it will guide the next generation. Imagine what hidden treasure lays right in front of you! Do not close the door before learning what’s behind it. Try to talk with the teacher, and see where that interaction will take you.

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