The Veterans’ Day Assembly of 2016 honored many

Greenwood loves our troops


Greenwood loves our troops

Makenzie Giles, staff writer


The Student Council invited people who are veterans to an assembly Nov. 8 to honor them for their service.  This is important because they need to know how important they are to us.

Student Council members started working on the veterans assembly as soon as Homecoming ended.

The school hosted veterans all the way back to World War II. That is special to us because they won’t be here much longer.

It is important to celebrate this at school because they need to know how much we honor them, and students need to know how special they are and how different we would have it. The veterans not only sacrificed their life physically but also mentally.

Many students were so excited because they knew some of the people there and were excited to meet more of them.

“We should have a veterans’ month instead of day,” Student Council sponsor Jimmy Chappell said.