Closet Detention – Dress code is more about smarts than style

Theresa Vega, staff writer

Dress code can easily stir up arguments.  Everyone has their own opinion. It’s more then just a rule.

Our dress code is pretty simple – no tank tops, no short skirts, no leggings, no showing straps on wide neck shirts, no crazy hair colors/cuts, and no holes on any clothing. Although our dress code is pretty lenient compared to other schools, kids here still seem to violate it. The most violated dress code rule at our school for girls is holes in jeans and wearing leggings, and for guys it’s shaving and haircuts.

Not only are we part of this dress code problem, but our parents play a part in this as well. Our  parents, for the most part, are the ones who buy our school clothes. They have the control on what we buy and what we wear, including what we leave the house with.

The big question everyone has is “how does dress code make a difference?”

The way we dress is all about presentation and how people look at us, including their first impression. Although kids may mislead teachers and may think that their teacher “is out to get them,” our teachers and school administrators are just preparing us for the future.

Teachers and dress code really play a big role in what we turn out  to be outside of high school. In the end it’s better to dress decent and presentable rather then shabby and frumpish, in case any opportunities may come your way.