Celebrity beefs just keep on going

Joseph Cervantes, Staff Writer

2016 was a crazy year for feuds with celebrities – celebs and musicians a like. Some beefs spawned memorable memes, phrases, and plenty of jokes that are still following this year.

Even the new year, 2017, is beginning with a feud between once-famed rapper, Soulja Boy and R/B singer, Chris Brown. Memorable disputes go from between Meek Mill and Drake, Taylor Swift and Kanye West, Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez, and much more. We’ve asked some students to get their input on celebrity beefs.

Zach Watson and Sammy Roman said that they feel that the only goal in the feuds between celebs is publicity. Both were siding with Drake in his beef with Meek Mill. On another note, Roman wished to see Kim Kardashian in a feud. Whereas, Watson hoped to see Chuck Norris and Mike Tyson go at it.