Senior describes challenges of this final school year


Seniors yell at a pep rally.

Chris Martin, staff writer

Being a senior isn’t just about being a twelfth grader, it’s about being the alpha of the high school. I have gone through 11 long years of nothing but school, then summer, then school, then summer.

Finally, the last year is here. There is nothing better than being a senior, knowing I will soon be out of high school. Being a senior comes with much fun and freedom, but it also comes with stress.

I have to worry about applying for scholarships and the universities of my choice. I am constantly studying to keep my grades up.

I have received advice from parents and teachers, and it has kept me focused, honestly. Many have people have told me things that I am sure every high school student hears: “Be on time to classes,” “Keep good grades,” “Stay focused,” and many more.

But, I have advice for every upcoming senior. Just don’t let anything bring you down. Eventually you will be out of this place and into the real world. Do not take any of your high school years as a joke. Study hard for all of your classes and try your hardest not to slack off.

One of the biggest challenges as a senior is to keep focused on school. With all of the football games and practices, it is pretty hard to stay focused. Senior year is tough and full of studying and school work. All of the studying and working may not be to my liking, but in the end my senior year will be more enjoyed than hated.