Having a grandma as a substitute is awesome

Blake Herring, guest writer

Having a grandmother as a high school substitute is a very rewarding thing. Not many people have a grandmother as a substitute. I love when she subs my class. Every time I find out that a teacher is going to be gone, I automatically suggest my grandma. I’m more than sure everyone loves her. I’ve heard from most people that she is their favorite sub, and I don’t get why she wouldn’t be.

I love seeing her – she’s so funny and gullible. I know everybody would agree that she is too. She doesn’t play favorites either. She’s kind to everyone, everyone who doesn’t disrespect her that is. Although she does have one favorite; hopefully that one is me. She’s obviously my favorite sub since she’s my grandma.

I love when people come out of a class that my grandma subbed and tell me what she did and how everyone played a prank on her. She’s very laid back and usually I don’t do anything but sit down by her and talk to her the whole period when she’s in my class. I always see her in the hallways and ask who she’s going to be subbing for, hoping she’ll be subbing for me.

I was in seventh grade when I had Mrs. Martindale. One day my grandma subbed for her, and the students played a trick on her. She walked out of the classroom to talk to someone and when she came back they were all talking with no sounds. They were moving their mouths as if they were talking but weren’t actually talking. They made her check to see if she had gone deaf or something!

It’s not just that I can get away with a few things with her, probably more than I should. It’s a way to get to see her since I don’t get to as much anymore. Think about how awesome would it be to have a grandmother as a substitute?