Comic books are for you

Skyler Gallentine, guest writer

Comic Books by

Some people associate the word “comic books” with 32-year-old men living in their grandmother’s basement. Though that may be true in some cases, it is only a stereotype.

Other people also claim that comic books are for “babies,” and that if you’re still reading them in high school then there is something wrong with you.

However, quite to the contrary, comic books are made for teenagers to read. Many people when reading a book or watching a movie they want to see action, and adventure, some romance and a hint of the supernatural. Well guess what fits the description perfectly? That’s right, comic books!

Also in the world of comics, there are two different main types of books, Marvel and DC Comics. If you live in the comic book world like I do, you know that this is where things get heated. I strongly believe that Marvel comics are far superior, and I apologize to DC fans. However, I feel that many of the DC comics are horribly written because typically DC overpowers their heroes and make their comics illogical by doing so (as far as logic goes with comic books about super powered individuals).

Take Superman for example. It is legitimately stated that he has no limits, and has only four weaknesses: the one that everyone knows, kryptonite, then there is the fact that he has the capability of dying (he is mortal) and has a soul, he relies on the sun (or a sun), and his final weakness to magic. And yet in every comic they have to make it interesting, so Superman must have some sort of struggle. But these struggles rarely make sense, for example if he were tied up with a laser aimed at him (example from an early superman comic the number of which I have forgotten) he could easily just break the chains because he is so illogically strong that he can break anything, not to mention his laser vision, heat vision, and a slew of other powers.

Green Lantern is the same way, for a man who can create anything from his mind using a ring, he sure has a narrow mind. For example, when he needs to recharge his ring, I understand he can’t just create a lantern, but he can create a portal to the lantern that he could just recharge his ring through.

However, all comic books are meant for entertainment purposes for people our age, and they definitely do their job. I already know many people enjoy comic books but unfortunately many are ridiculed by people who do not read comic books, but my motto on this sort of thing, don’t hate it until you try it.