Athletics and working out has lifelong benefits

Courtney Clark, guest writer

I feel like anyone should be able to be a part of the athletic system. It is not only for if you play a sport, but it’s also for some people who don’t like to play sports but would like to be in shape or have muscle. Personally, I am in athletics so I can have a healthy and fit body. Also, my mind is cleared when I run.

You can only be in Greenwood athletics if you’re doing a sport, but people can work out at other places like the Y or Gold’s Gym. But if they only work out by themselves and aren’t part of a team, then they may go too easy on themselves when they’re alone. I work better when I have competition next to me.

In the field house people should lift weights or do ab workouts. Lifting weights helps you in many ways. For example, weight lifting helps you in your health by getting in shape and also by staying active. Being active is an important part of health. Weight lifting helps you get stronger in every way — in your arms, upper abs, middle abs, lower abs, or in your legs.

The skills you achieve in athletics are good abilities. You can get faster in your speed, or you can get more muscle in your arms or legs. Finding out new abilities will help later on in life  in college or in other areas. Finding new abilities helps you discover the group you belong with socially. And you may never know, you might like the girls or guys on the team!

It helps to know what happens in the sports program and how the coaches expect you to act. You are supposed to go 100 percent at all times. Being able to make the coaches happy and not mad will help you later in life, such as with getting a job or something that involves other humans. You can learn how to make people happy and not angry so that you can work together.

Starting in seventh grade, being in athletics can benefit your health, your mind, and offer social opportunities, too.