‘Tis the season to be stylish

'Tis the season to be stylish

Savannah Morales

Jessica Zarate, staff writer

     Walking down the mall this past week, I’ve been seeing many people wearing trends from UGG boots to knee-high boots — and this is just talking about shoes! There are many staple fashions for the fall/winter seasons which include net hats, skinny jeans, big jackets, sweater dresses, and many others.

     This gave me an idea to ask why people would pick some of these trends. I went around the school and asked some of my friends what their favorite fall/winter fashions are. Most said their favorite things to wear are their pea coats and scarves, which reminds them of Christmas time.  

     With Christmas just around the corner, people are looking for the perfect Christmas present. Doing research on the new trends has helped me add something to my list — Vera Wang purse that is so sparkly you could practically see it all the way from the night sky. It has black and silver sparkles all on it, and I can even use it to carry my books for school. Another gift idea is a new ring (that I am currently wearing even though it is not Christmas yet. My mother has learned to put my presents away and not leave them on the kitchen counter for me to take!)

      One thing that would not be on my list is the new rage in New York, the Faux Fur. Faux Fur can be on anything from a vest to a jacket that is fur. I just wouldn’t feel right wearing it, even if it were not real.

     One thing I learned from searching is that the new trends are not right for everyone. It’s okay to be out of the box when shopping. It’s what makes everyone unique.