Make-A-Wish foundation is worthy of support

Sarah, staff writer

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     Make-A-Wish Foundation is a great organization to get involved with. It helps many kids with terminal illnesses who do not get the chance to do the things they enjoy because most families do not have the money to pay for treatment and a trip or a wish for their child.

     Make-A-Wish will help the child do one thing of their choice. Some Greenwood students have benefited from the foundation. A wish could be a trip with their family to a rain forest or being a rock star for a day.

     The money to pay for the wish is raised by fundraisers and events like the Race for Wishes held by the community. It is hard for the community to raise enough money for all the wishes, so we think it would be harder for Make-A-Wish to do it on its own. They need our help.

     Some people think that there are too many fundraisers going on. Other foundations hold fundraisers, and most people cannot contribute to more than one.  Some think the students spread themselves thin with all the fundraisers and events going on. Choices are available, so volunteers can choose how to spend their time and money in a way that makes them happiest.

     We recommend that if you aren’t sure what organization to support, then donate your time and get involved to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation.