Collision messages: Don’t text and drive


Alexis Smith

Celeste' M., staff writer

      About three years ago, when I was driving with a relative down I-20, there had been an accident because a teenager had been driving, and he hadn’t noticed that he had swerved. A car tried getting his attention by honking. The teen’s reaction was to jerk on the wheel and while doing that, he ran into another vehicle. The car got hit so hard that it spun and hit a light post. Later on that evening everyone found out that the teenager had been texting and had almost caused a death.

     Going through a website I found information at about texting and driving. From 2001-2007 an estimate of 16,000 deaths occurred due to texting and driving in the United States. Driving down the street you see many teenagers texting.  The result of this is leading to many wrecks and deaths.   

    Texting is a major distraction. Not only does it lead to people dying but to collisions with roadside objects, hitting poles, and traffic lights. Some drivers don’t notice that they swerve while texting. When they figure it out, they seem to jerk on the wheel and cause chaos in someone’s life or their very own lives by collisions.

     In 2005 it seemed to be the biggest rise of texting distraction fatalities while driving. About 30 states have prohibited texting while driving and have made fines if the driver gets caught. It’s like going after drunk drivers but now days it’s trying to catch people texting.