Hallway changes should result in go-with-the-flow attitude

Savannah Morales

HK, staff writer

      The school hallways have been switched around resulting in a stir of mixed opinions. Many staff agree with the new change because of better watchfulness over the students, but most of the students oppose the new change because of the senior hallway tradition being broken.

     There’s no reason to argue with the change because the location of a hallway shouldn’t matter. All that truly matters is that students have a working, functional locker to go to in between classes.  Lockers only serve one purpose, and that is to hold books. Lockers aren’t supposed to be like condos located in awesome places for you to go enjoy a vacation. People only spend an average of two minutes in front of their locker, and these two minutes are spent  putting up last period’s supplies and getting next period’s supplies.

     The few main reasons the students oppose the change of the hallways are the senior hallway tradition. It’s always been a tradition to have that hallway as a senior nesting place. This reason isn’t a very good one because some of the seniors don’t even serve a full school day, and the hallway placement shouldn’t matter.  Seniors use the tradition as their excuse. The real reason seems to be that they just don’t want to be supervised, because a large amount of the old senior lockers were out of view.  No one uses those lockers though, so the seniors shouldn’t argue. Everyone is being treated fairly and supervised the same.

     The only negative aspect of the change is the overcrowded junior hallway which seems to make a large number of people late to class. People will be late to class regardless. People will be late because of talking or because of just piddling around, so the junior hallway is not to blame.

     The hallways weren’t changed without reason. They weren’t changed to make everyone mad. The hallways were changed for safety and supervision. Instead of wasting time at the locker complaining, try to actually get to class before the bell. If you stop tricking yourself into thinking the hallways are to blame, you may find yourself getting to class on time.