Positivity is the Key!

Andrew Lowrance, staff writer

     That’s what is needed when it comes to Motivation and Self Love, for the reason to live is the determination of doing something greater, right? There are many types of people with their own ways of motivation and self-love: Most people find their motivation through what they do, some through what others do, some through music, action, or goals, and some are just motivated by pure desire of greatness!

     People who find it through what they do usually are in sports, global activities or events, or participating with a team in something greater than themselves. For example, Football, a sport everyone knows and sometimes love, is a team-based sport that centers around being a part of something bigger. For getting the Super-Bowl or winning the National team trophy is no easy task, but as a team, they motivate themselves to do things greater than what one person could do. Another example would be a second to Football: Basketball! Being a heavy team-based team designed like Football, just instead you run and dribble that ball down the court and into the hoop for points of Glory! Many a time though, not every team clicks to make it to the National, Super Bowl, Pro league, or whatever they desire to be, from where they’re already at. Sometimes, it can even injure or end the person or teams career if they all do something, unwise. Most motivation is when you work with others and they work with you, and most of it comes from being successful and seeing the potential of yourself, doing this particular thing, that it drives you to become something more worthy of being seen as part of a team, or doing what you like the most. Unless it’s something very unwise. In Greenwood though, many kids, such as Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, and Volleyball, with more than just that!

     Jakob Hickman, a Track 400-meter relay runner, has his inspiration on lock, “Track is the most mentally driven sport there is.  You are the only one holding yourself back from success”

     Some people find motivation through others, meaning they look to others, such as leaders, or people leading a movement, whether it be good or bad to be able to achieve something so great, that they didn’t know they could do by themselves. It’s rather amazing to achieve something seeing others achieve at what they do, and it’s amazing when they become even more motivated to do something, when they know that they got something positive out of their efforts. Some people who seek motivation from seeing others have a self-conscious mind on what others think about them. Almost all types have this, but people who have to see others achieve have it harder, for they don’t always see if they will be successful unless someone else is successful. For their motivation is timely, and short lived. If not used effectively it could die and burn out, leaving them in a fearful state of becoming, as quoted, “We become what we think about.” That can be sad for a lot of problems, but the truth is only when someone outcast pushes themselves into a monstrous position where they become something they fear they’ll become. Only because they thought of it, but yet, one quote says the exact opposite (almost anyways): “The biggest source of motivation are your own thoughts, so think big and motivate yourself to win.” Which is a hard quote for people getting motivation through others, but love yourself. Be powerful with your mental life and show others that you will become something greater; because anyone can be great, you just need to think big and push forward with yourself intact! So figure out what motivates you, whether it be music, thinking, daydreaming, exercising, meditating, whatever makes you feel satisfied to do great things for today, tomorrow, and forever forward. For whatever it is that bothers you, they never last forever, after all, they aren’t true unless you let them become true! So get motivated and love yourself.