Semester end

Hailey Burson, Staff writer

Bittersweet feelings overwhelm many students as the semester slowly comes to an end. As finals week approaches, many students hold on to the hope of being exempt. Exemptions happen when a student has an 80 or above and 1 absence and a 90 or above with 2 absences. Students with discipline referrals, AEP, OSS, or ISS don’t have the option for exemptions.

After the Christmas break, we get an extra day off for teacher in-service. With the start of a new semester comes the start of a new 6 weeks. Sophomore Beyonce Wood, explained how she felt about the semester end saying she,  “couldn’t be happier that there was a semester end because every time there is a semester end that means Christmas or the end of the year is here, but you still have to take finals.” and when asked what was so exciting about the semester end and she replied “ It is nice to have a break, especially from school because you have already been working hard in the three cycles you had to do in a semester. It is just nice to relax every once and awhile without any worry that there is something you need to do like homework or school work the next day.”