Thanksgiving lunch

Paige Nix, Staff writer

On Wednesday, November 13th, a Thanksgiving lunch was held in the cafeteria. The Thanksgiving themed lunch was served a full two weeks before actual day itself, as Thanksgiving falls on November 28th this year. Many students wondered why it was not closer to Thanksgiving break. Morgan Beard, a freshman, said, “Why would they have it way before thanksgiving break because then there’s a big lunch for no reason”.

However, some pointed out that with the lunch being so far before the holiday, those partaking in the meal won’t feel like they are eating the same thing multiple times in a row. Mrs. Brown, the front desk receptionist, said “the food was delicious”, and Mrs. Josie, the ISS teacher,  said, “the food was exquisite especially the desert and ham.” 

Many teachers and students enjoyed the meal and the students especially enjoyed the cake and said that it was extremely good. The cafeteria staff prepared all of the food in house, and the snack shack was closed so the staff could focus on the Thanksgiving themed meal. So while some were a little critical of having Thanksgiving lunch so far in advance of the the holiday, most were appreciative and enjoyed the food.