A Distracting Dilemma

Makaila Claburn, Editor

Distracted driving has become a growing issue that can potentially be more dangerous than drunk driving, yet it is done way more often in each and every person’s life. Just because someone calls themselves a ‘safe driver’ does not mean that they are. No matter the experience the driver has or even the lack of, it only takes a second for your world to be turned upsidedown.

“I am a safe driver, [but] I am a distracted driver,” says Junior, Karyna Arreola, ” I change my music a lot. I’m really bad about it. I need to stop.”

Distracted driving has taken over many vehicles and is responsible for more than 9 deaths and over 1,000 injuries every single day.

” I don’t do it when other people are in the car,” says Karyna.

She is one of the few that vow to not drive distracted while with others. Distracted driving hasn’t only taken over teens. Ironically, 87% of parents are regularly distracted drivers.

Distracted driving has truly become a plague that is only growing with the development of technology. The only way to stop it is through moving on from the pressures of society, turning our devices off, and pulling over if it is urgent.