Teacher Feature – Mr. Cicchelli


Hailey Burson, Staff writer

Each week, two teachers are awarded ‘teacher of the week’. These teachers have their doors decorated and are honored at the pep-rally. Mr. Cicchelli and Mrs Pruitt won the teacher of the week for the week of September 23. Mr. Cicchelli has been a teacher at Greenwood for the past 17 years, and has been teaching for thirty-nine years.

He was in his early thirties when he decided to become a teacher, and he immediately knew he wanted to teach math. Mr. Cicchelli has always had a love for math and he majored in it in college. He teaches Geometry on both regular and Pre-AP levels. He has also taught Math models, Algebra 2, and Pre Calculus.

He wanted to teach at Greenwood because he said he “wanted more freedom to hold the students accountable”. He came from Midland Freshman where the administrators twist your arm to make you pass the students, and he would not do that so they made his life miserable. In Greenwood, he is a lot more able to hold students accountable which in his opinion “is the key to education”.

He describes teaching as his “calling from heaven, but it hasn’t been a real heavenly calling”.