Russell named district police officer

Hannah Barrandey, Staff

This school year has officially begun, but not without a few new changes.  There is now a police officer, Mitch Russell, working on campus.

“I look forward to making the school a safer place for the students, faculty, and anyone else there,” said police officer, Mitch Russell.                                                                                                                                     However he may not be the only officer that will be at school for very long; He hopes to be able to get more personnel for to help with the school.

“I’m looking into formalizing where we have our own standalone police department for the school district,” said Russell                                                                                                                                             Russell has been a police officer for a while now, and has always wanted to be since the beginning.                “I basically always wanted to be in law enforcement for the most part so when I got out of high school I went to college to take courses in criminal justice so that I could pursue this career,” said Russell.

He will also be attending school functions such as football games and pep rallies.                                            “I’m going to try to be at every event if possible; I will do whatever I can do, but yes, that’s the goal; to be at any event,” said Russell.

Russell doesn’t have an office yet, but will soon.                                                                                               “They’re working on an office that will be in the west side of the old junior high,” said Russell.

The best way to get ahold of him is to ask Mrs. Brown or Mr. Huddleston and Mr. Jones.                           “I’m here ninety-five percent of the time walking the hallways so that’s probably the easiest way; just find me in the hallways.” said Russell.