First pep rally goes well

Yariled Huerta, Staff

Every game day Friday the high school has a pep rally, where the cheerleaders do their dancing and the sports teams announce their upcoming events. This takes place at the high school gym, each pep rally has their own theme for the first pep rally the theme was hip hop, the student body tried dressing up as much as the could. As the senior Lizbeth Velasquez said,

“We dress up to show school spirit girl.”

The first pep rallys are always pretty emotional to most seniors since it will be their very last, first pep rally.

“I think this pep rally was a pretty great success since the band played loud, the students went all out, and we all got along it was great” Alondra Sanchez said.

Getting to the end of the pep rally the students do a victory cry, which is where the cheerleaders start with freshman, sophomores, band members, all players, juniors, and end up with seniors asking them to yell as loud as they can “Victory” and whichever class screams louder is the winner, the winner for this pep rally was the band. In each pep rally they play different games which is seniors vs juniors and sophomores vs freshman,

“Look at Jesse play, he actually won” Jackie Zubia said. Seniors won most games this pep rally.