School rises to support Anderson

Kassidy Snodgrass, Staff

  It was a regular doctor’s appointment for Caleb Anderson checking to see if he had Pneumonia. Little did Caleb and his family know, their world was soon to be flipped upside down. After being sick for 8 days, another appointment was made for blood work. An X Ray Of his chest revealed that his right lung was full of fluid that needed to be drained. A doctor in Andrews drained it and and sent him for another X ray. The X ray revealed that Caleb had a mass wrapped around his Aorta and surrounding vessels. Shortly after they found this out, Caleb went into cardiac arrest. He was not getting oxygen he needed so he was place on a breathing machine. At 1 in the morning on on August 17, 2018 Caleb got on a helicopter and was flown to Lubbock.

     “All we wanted was for him to be healthy and back home,” his mother Kenedy Anderson said.

      On Friday, August 17th, Caleb underwent a Bone Marrow Biopsy to determine whether they were going to be fighting Lymphoma or Leukemia. While waiting on the test results, Caleb also received a chest tube to keep the fluid out of his lungs. At 2:30pm Caleb was officially diagnosed with T Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma, a curable type of cancer.

     “Even though we are all still so scared, restless, and, worried we know God will help us thought it,” said Mrs. Anderson