A gamers life(s): 1 up!


Robert Walker, staff writer

When I tell people that I’m a gamer, they think, “He is some loser that wastes his time on something that won’t help him in life.” They don’t realize that there is much more to it.

Video games offer many benefits. Perhaps the biggest thing I look for is a challenge. Games like Dark Souls fill this want, but even still after a while it becomes easy. Initially, games can offer a challenge that can be eventually adapted to and eventually perfected (no hope of an end isn’t fun).

Along with the challenge comes the perfectionist in me.  It brings forth a want to complete objectives in it that usually come out at any other time. I feel a sort of pride from completing these.

Sometimes I play for the storyline. I personally like fantasies and science fiction. I used to be a big reader which further fuels my love for an amazing storyline.

Lastly, I like to play them because I can do things I cannot do in real life, I can have things I can’t have, and lives I can’t live in real life. It can be things from superhuman moves to piloting a giant robot.

When people look at a gamer and think they are a loser, they should realize that there is more to them than they think.  They think a gamer needs to “get a life,” The advantage is they have already lived many ways.