Midland County Stock Show Results

Savannah Cain, staff writer

Scholarships this year were awarded to many exhibitors from all over Midland. Many were from here. The $500 ones were Tiffany Simon, Elizabeth Ransom, Jacob Jarvis and Cassie Morin. There was one $1,000 and it was awarded to RaeAnn Knapp.

Placings from the animals:

Abigayle Ransom: Eighth place goat

Amanda Hightower: Senior girls steer showmanship and second place steer

Blake Cain: Third place steer

Brantley Hoover: Grand Champion Culinary Arts, Junior boys lamb showmanship and first place lamb

Call Carmichael: Senior boys showmanship, Grand Champion heifer and Reserve Grand Champion heifer

Cassie Morin: Reserve Grand Champion goat

Cutter Atdkins: Third place goat

Dax Cave: Reserve Breed lamb

Elizabeth Ransom: Third place lamb

Hunter Sims: Fifth place swine

Jaleigh Ivy: Grand Champion swine

Jenny Hendriex: Reserve Breed swine

Jodilyn Watters: Reserve Breed swine

Kadyn Ellis: Junior girls swine showmanship and  Reserve Breed swine

Kaitlyn Cave: First place lamb

Kensleigh Ellis: Reserve Grand Champion swine

Maddie Caughron: Junior girls steer showmanship and Reserve Breed steer

Nicole Caughron: Second place steer

Payton Sims: Second place goat

ReaAnn Knapp: Fourth place lamb

Savannah Cain: Grand Champion Steer

Tiffany Simon: First place goat