IT Chapter 2, A Movie Review

Reyes Jaramillo, Culture Writer


This article might spoil the movie heavily, so if you haven’t watched it, do that first. The squeal to IT, IT Chapter 2 is a continuation and picks up 27 years after the first one. The movie has a lot of gore involving Pennywise, which is to be expected. The scenes with Pennywise were hilarious and horrifying.

Whenever something big happened, Richie, the joker of the group, would make a joke and he made the movie comedic at parts. This took away some of the tension, but for the most part, IT was scary. The group has to face their fears to defeat IT and I believe the ending shows this excellently. The ending was alright, but it could have been better. Mike, the one who knows most about IT, tries to make them do “The Ritual of Chüd”. They try to trap IT into a container, but it doesn’t work, and if you’ve seen the original mini-series you know that IT becomes a spider. This happens in the movie, but it’s different. The losers all get separated and have to face their fears.

Bill has to face his dead brother Georgie; Beverly has to face all of the people that she is afraid of; Eddie and Richie have to face three doors. Ben has one of the scariest though, he is in the clubhouse he made years earlier, but its underground. The walls start to break and he is drowning in dirt, then Pennywise comes and looks down on him and closes the door like a coffin. After they face their fears, they meet together to fight IT. IT is still a massive spider, Richie makes fun of IT to distract him, and he is caught in the Deadlights (IT’s true form). Eddie throws a spear at IT and he thinks he killed him. He turns away from IT and then is taken by IT. They cant find a way to make IT small until they think of making him think he’s small. They have already overcome their fears, so it is easy. IT shrinks into a baby clown, and they are able to defeat him for good.

IT Chapter 2 is a good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes horror movies and wants to see a scary clown.