Class rings are finally here

Joseph Cervantes, staff writer

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One of the main factors of high school is making memories. Class rings for each year’s juniors and seniors allow students to reminisce upon the past. New juniors and seniors for this year have already made their selection.

In addition, new customizations have been added to the roster of rings. New stone shape options, side ring options, and ring color options. The previous year’s selections are still intact with their information, via website etc.

Desiree Franco said her ring cost about $380 or so.

“I’d like more custom options,” she said. She’d like more jewelry options and believes that every student should own a class ring.

Skylar Buchanan said,”I have what I have on my ring because it’s a part of me. I believe that some students should follow that idea.”

Buchanan wished for better ring variety. If she could have anything on her ring, “I only ask for a quote if possible, I’m not sure which quote, but it’d be nice,” Buchanan said.

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