A trip to Greece and Italy widened students’ horizons

Makenzie Giles, staff writer

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Theatre director Tara Granberry and 14 students visited Greece for seven days, then toured to Italy for five days. They went with two groups on the trip. One from Texas and one from North Carolina.

At the beginning of their trip, they visited Athens, The Temple of Zeus, and The Parthenon. The highlight of their trip was when they went to the ruins of the Temple of Delphi, which was found in the late 1800s. They also went to the Ancient Monasteries from 170 A.D.

Later they took a cruise from Greece to Italy, where they stayed five days. They went to Florence and then to Rome. While they were in Rome they went to see the Roman Coloseum. Next they visited Pompei and  Capri Island. While there, they went to a factory that made cameos.





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