Rowdy Rangers encourage school spirit

Rowdy Rangers get chosen at a pep rally

E. Sitzman

Rowdy Rangers get chosen at a pep rally

Hannah Barrandey, Staff writer

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Rowdy Rangers is a new way to celebrate students with school spirit. Each student gets a t-shirt and each finds someone else who has Ranger pride for the next week.

Cheerleading Captain Jenna Fader put the idea into motion.

“We got the idea from cheer camp, and most of the cheerleaders discussed the idea,” Fader said.

Rowdy Rangers are chosen throughout the week and are given the shirts at pep rallies. Going to football games and other activities involving the school increases the probability of a student’s becoming recognized.

“Yes, Rowdy Rangers are encouraged to attend school events. I believe support from the school really encourages the sports teams to perform well,” Fader said.


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