Homecoming Parade


Whitney Pace, Staff writer

The homecoming parade on Sunday, September  29th, made its way through Greenwood for the first time in years. Greenwood went all out this year to make this parade bigger and better than anybody predicted.

Members of the Greenwood community could be seen gathered around trailers and vehicles to decorate and build floats. It was inspiring how everyone pitched in to create these amazing floats. “As of Thursday there were around 15 or 20 floats signed up. By the end of Friday there were around 50, I think!” said Principal, Stacy Jones.

Some special guests in the parade included, The Mask Rider from Texas Tech, the local Fire Department, the Suez Shrine, and Harden Simmons 6 white horsemen. These special guest came to Greenwood to show their support for our school and to bring excitement to this event. It was a great way to start off homecoming week, this community has done a great job at coming together to make this year special for their students.

(Photos courtesy of Sam Cravey)