First Turkey, Then Great Deals!

Whitney Pace, Staff Writer

Are you ready to embrace the big crowds to get the things you love at a cheap price? Black Friday is creeping in, on November 29, hundreds of people will be out and about to get their families gifts at a good discount.. Greenwood High School faculty members, Mrs.Pantoja, Mrs. Welch, and Mrs. Savage have participated in Black Friday. These ladies have always done Black Friday but in a different way, Mrs. Pantoja and Mrs. Savage do their shopping online.

Mrs.Savage feel that Black Friday is a “ good thing,” she has done Black Friday shopping online because she doesn’t like to fight the crowds, she also thinks that Black Friday shopping is an adult thing. Mrs.Savage would rather do Cyber Monday but she feels that Black Friday has better sales then Cyber Monday. Mrs. Pantoja has done Black Friday online because she doesn’t like the crowds, she thinks that Black Friday is good for some people but for her she rather not fight for the sales, she will just pay the regular price.

Mrs. Pantoja feels that kids under 16 years old don’t need to attend Black Friday, she says “ there are too many fights”. She feels like the sales at Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be the same, “it’s just depends”, Mrs. Pantoja would rather do Cyber Monday than Black Friday. Mrs. Welch also does her Black Friday shopping online, she said “ I love Black Friday, it gives me a chance to do what I love, Shopping.” Mrs.Welch thinks that children 16 and under shouldn’t attend black Friday because it’s “ passed their bedtimes.” She also thinks that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are about the same, she rather do Black Friday than Cyber Monday. Black Friday is a huge deal to some people like Mrs.Welch, everyone spends their day online shopping for their family, more people wouldn’t use online to shop if it was safer for them to attend the event.