Exchange student brings new perspective


Aspen Wallace, Photo Editor/ Staff Writer

A new foreign exchange student has joined GHS. His name is Julius Höche (Hoeche), and he is from Hanover, Germany.

Höche said that he,”chose the USA [but] where the student lives depends on the host family.” Although he, “tried not to expect anything,” about Midland, he had thought that, “there would be more public areas – like a town center or parks.”

When in a new place, away from home, there will always be differences from one’s normal environment.

In Germany, there is green everywhere, unlike in Midland. Höche described here as having more desert, fewer trees, less grass, fewer bushes and in general, “less green.”

Although some differences such as atmosphere, elevation, or climate may be extreme, that does not mean there will not be something that is enjoyable.

Höche said, “the restaurants, the different kinds of food, the climate, the band, [and our] football games,” have been the activities he has enjoyed most.

Since finding these activities, he has began to make himself at home by joining the tennis team and the band.