Winning season brings a dream to Dye for

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By Amanda Hightower

Sports editor

Senior Emily Dye and assistant coach\mom Suzanne Dye have experienced a volleyball season that both will cherish for a lifetime.

Emily has played volleyball for numerous years with the support of her mom every step of the way. Emily has been a three-year varsity letterman. In August, she had the goal and hopes of making the playoffs before her last season. With October and November bringing favorable outcomes for the Rangerettes, the set goal of being in the playoffs  has turned into a reality.

“This is an experience that is one of a kind. I am very blessed. It has been awesome being with my mom every second,” Emily said.

The mom and daughter bond has always been strong and supportive. Emily not only dreamed of being a star in the playoffs, Suzanne also had the dream of being a playoff coach and proud mom. Suzanne had always wanted to coach and motivate kids while teaching, but paused her dreams to rightfully raise her children. With Emily’s permission for her mom to coach while she played in high school, both have fulfilled their dreams, side by side.

“I want my daughter to be a part of a team who has a banner hanging in the gym, who will always be remembered for their hard work,” Suzanne said.

Sharing the same experiences, memories, emotions, and unfailing laughter has made the first sport of Emily’s senior year one to always be cherished.

“Getting to do this with my daughter is something that not anyone can say; it’s a special thing. I have waited my whole life for this experience,” Suzanne said.

Participating in not only volleyball but all three sports together has inevitably brought  many fond mother daughter memories for the two. With the goal for making the volleyball playoffs a reality the Dyes have already stated the dreams of finishing their last year together by making the playoffs across the board in basketball and softball as well.

“Dreams really do come true,” Suzanne said.