Friends remember students who died over the summer

Jessica Hardwick and Anna Mohr, staff writers

Caleb Gamboa
Eric Stirman

Before school began, two students died in separate incidents. Eric Stirman was to be a senior and Caleb Gamboa a junior. Friends of the students had the following remembrances of them. Eric Stirman, passed away in July. He was born June 17, 1993. “Eric was always a person that you could go to if you had any problems. He always made everyone laugh. He was really funny,” junior Lindsey Gleghorn said. Stirman enjoyed his time reading. Almost every day you could spot him spending his spare time reading book after book. “I miss him and love him. He’s my best friend, and I’d do anything to have him back,” sophomore, Haley Millan said.

Stirman liked music. He had an iPod with him everywhere he went. Also, every now and then he would express an interest in fixing mechanical things. Most of all, he liked spending time with his friends. He had a big heart and would go out of his way to help his friends. “He was one of my best friends. He will be my home boy forever. Love you bro; always in my heart,” junior Clay Barkes said. Caleb Gamboa passed away in August. Gamboa was involved in activities such as University Interscholastic League theatre, band, and tennis. He sang in the talent show last May. Junior Robert Walker said that Gamboa’s favorite video game was Dragon Age: Origins. He was also musical and played trumpet in band and had piano recitals in December. Junior John Adame said he remembered back in fifth grade when Gamboa was playing Pee Wee football. Josh, Caleb’s brother told him to hit his opponent “with all he got.” So Caleb turned around, and then asked with a puzzled and confused look on his face, “Why?” “Last year in theater, we had a little down time, during the Book Fair,” former theatre teacher John Binns said. “As a joke I said that he could go if he would bring me back a picture of Justin Bieber, and he did. Now as a memory, I keep that picture in my classroom.”