The new cafeteria menu


Jaclyn Swilling, Staff Writer

Students started the year with new menu options in the cafeteria, and the students are loving it.

This year they have a lot more options to choose from instead of everyone getting the same thing. Freshman, Brayden Westcott said, “The new lunch menu has changed for the better I like having options”. However, not all students agree on that. Sophie Bond said, “I hate how you have to pay $3.75 for a lunch I think it should be at least $2.00. I also think they need to improve the salad bar” .Mr. Huddleston thinks the food options are healthier and there are a lot more students eating the cafeteria food this year.

Students can check find the menu for the day, week, or month on the school website. There is also an app called Nutrisweet that has the menu and the nutritional information for all items.