Chappell acts as backbone of many school organizations


Chelsea reclines on a stage set piece while taking a break from One Act Play practiice

Makaila Claburn, Staff Writer

Chelsea Chappell has been a backbone for many school organizations such as Student council, National Honors Society, and One Act. She has made her mark on our community and loves how unique it is.

“My biggest accomplishments are all of the veterans day assemblies and the family I have made in One Act.” said Chelsea.

In order to prepare for a play, she goes through months of rehearsal and gets to know everyone she is performing with and gets to know her character. But, with all of her roles, and achievements, her fondest memory is still a bus ride to el paso on the way to Bi-District for One Act.

She just wants people to know that “It’s okay to be yourself and to care even when people say its not.”