Why you should volunteer

Robert Walker, staff writer

Have you ever thought of volunteering? It is a great way to give back to the community and even the world. No matter the activity, any amount of volunteering can better your community. It can be beneficial to you, too. It can give you experience in a job field that you are interested in joining later on in life, and it’s a positive thing to do when you have nothing else.

“It’s a great experience, and it made me realize I still want to work in the medical field”, junior Jessica Zarate said.

Are you college bound? Volunteer time can get you the Legacy scholarship, not to metion it looks good on any application.

Another benefit of volunteering cannot be replaced: friendship. When you volunteer, you get the oppurtunity to meet new people and and create experiences that are priceless.

Junior Amanda Hightower volunteered for Meals on Wheels. “It’s a really good feeling to give back”, she said.

There are plenty of places to volunteer for a ton of different things in Midland. You can work for the Lonestar Sanctuary for Animals to play with the animals and help take care of them; you can even volunteer at the Library of West Texas to read to the visually impaired. If none of these interest you, you can go to www.volunteermatch.org and look for a volunteer oppurtunity that suites you.