Publications staff steps it up

Bethany Earp, staff writer

The publications staff has gone through some money changes. They have money to spend without doing extra fundraisers to support the yearbook and online newspaper.

“I hope to run the year without doing an extra fundraiser again,” journalism adviser Barbara Cherry said.

Many experienced staffers returned this year; more than usual. This meant the group has added several positions such as sports editor and more photo editors, Cherry said.

“I always miss my previous staffers, but we learn and improve every year, Cherry said. “We also figure out where we can add a new risk or where to scale back or stay steady. Each publication year is a bit of an adventure.”

They have added more features in the newspaper and hope to add video to the Ranger Revolver. Also, Cherry is teaching speech instead of English this year, so she has more time to try different things.

“This encourages me to add four more pages to the yearbook because I’ll have more time to  revise them,” Cherry said.

The yearbook will cost $40  until March 9, then it will be $55. They will order some extra yearbooks for $55 each. They are trying something new and are letting students pay an extra $15 for four more pages in their yearbook to do whatever they want with those.