Indoor Percussion places again

Mayra Baeza, staff writer

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Percussion competed for its second year  against  four other schools – Midland High School, Friendship High School,  and Central High School in San Angelo. The group placed first in the competition.

Drum Line members : Snares:  Victoria Medrano, Ellee  Franklin, Maggie Brockman, Ashlen Tubbs, ShyAnn Friday; Tenors: Antonio Reyes, Kathryn Rose; Basses: Gabby Estrada, Alejandro Zapata, Jolton Brown, Michael Hernandez, Moses Derr; Pit: Lauryn Heltzel, Perla Ramos, Rebecca Harte, Prescilla Gonzalez, Ashton Lee, Julius Hoeche , John Breeden; Drumline Manager: Jesus Grimaldo, Mattison Damico, Marybel DeLaRosa, Zach Eisenberg, Jordan Pruitt, Hayli Paredes; Gold medals for their first division percussion solo performances: percussion soloists : Antonio Reyes and Victoria Medrano; All-Star drumline members for the 2018 season: Victoria Medrano and Lauryn Heltzel.