FFA grows this semester

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FFA grows this semester

Hannah Barrandey, Writer and Advertising Manager

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Future Farmers of America is moving forward this semester with new goals and some new friends.

“It has taught me to be a leader, and to go meet new people. I also learned skills that I’ll need later in life,” Steven Dunlap, Junior FFA member said.

FFA has grown bigger in the recent years, and it shows no signs of stopping.

“It will grow, but what it will grow into, I have no idea. It’s still growing. Hopefully we can get almost everyone involved is what I’m hoping for,” Dunlap said.

Beside the obvious reasons for joining FFA, there are other perks. “…Scholarships, new friends, food, trips. Of course, there’s plenty more reasons, but that’s usually what people look for,” Dunlap said.

FFA also contributes to the district. “We do a lot of community work too,” Dunlap said.

There are conventions and feild, too, and anyone is welcome to join.



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