Chess Club adds diversion for members


Hannah Barrandey, Staff Writer

Among the other many activities here, students can now participate in Chess Club!

Tristan Sage came up with idea for a chess club, and the sponsor is Barbara Cherry, journalism teacher.

“I like being a sponsor because playing chess was the last real thing my dad did before he passed away. He enjoyed chess all his life,” Cherry said.

He died at 92, earlier this year.

Anyone who wishes to join does not have to have any prior experience in chess. Other members of the club will “teach you” how to play if you don’t already know. There is plenty of room for more people, and usually the club has around 10 people.

“If you have time and focus, then the club may be for you. Everyone takes it seriously -we don’t make fun of each other.” Cherry said.

“We have several students who come weekly, and there’s a lot of higher level thinking going on,” Cherry said.

Chess club meets 4:15 to 6:30 on Tuesday nights, in Cherry’s room 5.

Being a part of Chess Club can also help students make new friends and be more involved.