Color Guard competes at WTAC


Brandi Sutter, Staff Writer/ Copy Editor

The time, effort, and dedication that is put in by the color guard is going is judged at contest.

“You have to really be dedicated and put in the time before, during, and after school, and learn every routine,” Emily Paul said.

There are a few requirements to be in color guard. They have to be in band for at least one year, they must be at least a sophomore, they must try out, and they must come to every practice and clinic.

The color guard will practice with the entire band during their class period but they do have their own separate practices as well.

Guard has participated in a competition at West Texas Auxiliary Competition recently where they earned third place. The guard will compete with the band at marching competitions but will receive their own judging sheets for just the color guard but are also judged as a part of the full band as well.

The color guard has a instructor who writes their shows and they order their uniforms from a company online. Paul said that the color guards’ uniforms and make-up are based on their show.