Student Council finishes the year with several projects


Joseph Cervantes, staff writer

Student Council has recently made moves. Even with a collaboration with FFA, Student Council has been on a roll with plenty of projects left.

They have succeeded in recent projects all the way from Homecoming to Veteran’s Day. With those standards set, the group has big plans to finish off this year with Diabetes Week, Shattered Dreams, and there’s also development for another cancer walk.

“The main goal for this year’s future diabetes week is just awareness,” Student Council sponsor Jimmy Chappell said. “It needs more time to develop. It’s a growing problem, too. This problem needs more awareness,” he said.

In addition to working with those projects, the group plans to work with Shattered Dreams.

“My one goal in Shattered Dreams is to alter one person’s decision to drink and drive, or text and drive, or doing any sort of drugs. The last one (Shattered Dreams) the bar was set pretty high. It would be amazing if we could do better. Of course, our goal as educators is to let you grow old. We want you to see your golden years.”

Chappell ended with a simple quote for any young person, ‘Go play some more.’