Students go to Future Farmers of America

Students go to Future Farmers of America

Denise Quezada, Staff Writer

Future Farmers of America is an organization where members can develop leadership and career qualities and become a school family.

Can Being in FFA  help you in the future?

“Definitely, because I can earn a scholarship, and it will help me speak in front of crowds, and because I know I have made lifelong friends being in FFA,” Phoebe Silvia said.

FFA competes in Career Development Event and Leadership Development Event competitions.

FFA travels all around Texas. They have been to Coahoma, Amarillo, Abilene, and many more places.

While being in FFA, everyone learns and practices how to become a better speaker and the more practice the better they become speaking in front of large crowds.

The benefits of being in FFA is going on trips, and while on these trips, everyone attends to make more friends throughout Texas.

FFA volunteered at the Co-op animal shelter and in December they volunteered at the Women’s shelter.