State Marching Band creates a legendary feeling

State Marching Band creates a legendary feeling

Amber Strong, staff writer

While at State, Adrian Hernandez realized that the band’s hard work paid off.

“We marched just like we did in Area. It was a new experience for me,” he said.

Adrian said he felt shocked and full of joy when they won Area. It was the Ranger Band’s first time to move on to State. Ever.

“I felt legendary, and that we made history.” He said that he was amazed at how much work they put into band.

Next year, there won’t be a State marching competition. The concert band will have a chance to go to the top.

Adrian said “to improve myself at playing the trumpet,” is what he wants to do to improve. “To have a better tone and stay away from being sharp. Once that’s done, I’ll be first chair in the trumpets for sure!”

After State marching, the group went to Target to buy what they wanted for the night. The very next day the group went to the zoo.

“The trip was a moment that I’ll cherish.,” Adrian said. “Hanging out with my friends and all the places we visited were the memorable parts, especially the bus rides.”