Yearbook editor and assistant editor help to remember the year


Amber Strong, Staff Writer

Being an editor or assistant editor is a big deal. People look up to you and see you as a leader.

“I like being editor because I worked hard for it, and I’m able to get to know more people, and I’m able to show my ideas,” yearbook editor, Emma Sitzman, said “To be an editor it takes hard work, leadership, confidence and passion.”

Sitzman and the assistant editor, Victoria Madrid, do the same thing but a little different. Sitzman has to help others with the spreads (pairs of pages), once it’s done she has to go and edit the page. Madrid has to check grammar and make sure it’s the right format.

“It’s both easy and hard. Easy because designing pages and taking pictures are fun,” Sitzman said. “But it is also hard because you’re the one to come up with the whole book, and you have to be able to be a strong leader.”

Madrid on the other hand, thinks it’s easy if you know what you’re doing.

“(It’s) Harder when you don’t ask questions,” Madrid said. “I love it because it’s fun to help design pages.”

Both Sitzman and Madrid have been in yearbook since freshman year.

Madrid will take the place of ┬áSitzman, as editor, because Sitzman is graduating. Madrid is already working with journalism adviser Barbara Cherry on ideas for next year’s yearbook.