Marcher experiences a UIL State Band Contest

Marcher experiences a UIL State Band Contest

Britney Payte, Voices Editor

A foggy day, a giant stadium, and 24 bands. That was the setting for the UIL State Marching Contest that took place on Nov. 7 at the Alamodome in San Antonio. It was quite an eye-opening experience for the junior and senior class. This was the only State contest we were going to make it to in our high school career.

I believe we did our best as we marched, even though it was nerve wracking in the enormous stadium with skilled judges watching us. We had never made it this far, yet here we were marching onto the field. It was the most terrifying event I’ve experienced. Even with every nerve being on fire our band director, Suzanne Rhynes, helped soothe us by saying that we should just have fun out there. After all being nervous would only ruin the moment.

I was nowhere prepared for how loud we were going to be though. We usually always preformed outside, so when our music echoed through the stadium I’m sure everyone got goosebumps.

After the performance we took all our group photos, which we had a fun time with because we got to take goofy photos at such a serious place.

The band grouped together again at our bus where we had our lunch that was full of giggles and singing. We went back inside the stadium afterwards to watch the other bands preform. We even got to observe a college band’s show. It was amazing and even encouraging to see older people than us, with more experience, make a mistake every now and then.

Finally it came down to the big moment though… the results. We had to sit restlessly as they called out the names of all the bands that participated. Then they started calling the top ten, the ones who advance to finals, and with every name called we got more and more anxious. Then as soon as it happened it was all over.

We didn’t make it to finals, but that didn’t discourage us. Instead of leaving in tears we left with our heads held high because in the end we scored higher than anyone in our region which means that the Greenwood Ranger Band is the highest placed band in all of West Texas.