Points ‘n’ Picas plans for action

Saydie Smith, staff writer

            Yearbooks, officers, and t-shirt sales are helping to keep Points ‘n’ Picas going.

            Last year’s yearbooks are still on sale for $55. This year’s yearbooks can be ordered early for $40 until Nov. 6 at midnight. The price goes up to $55 on Nov. 7. If any students are interested in selling ads for a discounted yearbook, talk to journalism teacher Barbara Cherry.

            Points ‘n’ Picas officers are Amanda Hightower and Katie Cherry as co-presidents, Ashley Turner as vice president, Aly Schumann as secretary treasurer, and the event coordinator is Bethany Earp.

            Two choices for Points ‘n’ Picas shirts were both so popular, they decided to have both. One has a mullet on it, and one has a mustache on it.

            Points ‘n’ Picas has at least four goals for the year. They want to make their newspaper coverage more in-depth, add videos to the newspaper, start a weekly news broadcast, and continue with the traditional yearbook and newspaper coverage which has worked well so far.

            There aren’t many changes from last year. Principal Ariel Elliott has allowed the addition of a broadcast class; Cherry said she is excited about that. She believes the students and she will learn a lot. They are not raising the price of the yearbook, although it is still in all-color and will come out in the spring. They hope they don’t have any extra fundraisers they have to do.

             “I just want to say I really appreciate the support of the teachers and students and administration. They make our job so much easier,” Cherry said.