Thanksgiving traditions are similar among students and teachers



Brandi Sutter, Staff Writer/ Copy Editor

As Thanksgiving approaches and everyone is getting excited for the holiday, they start thinking about what foods and different activities they will be doing that day.

Different families have unique ways of celebrating Thanksgiving and have a few traditions that they partake in during this holiday.

Audio video production teacher Tiffany Humphries said that some of her families’ traditions are, “Always get together at one house. We have chips and dips and someone fries a turkey. We  always play family games afterwards,” and “always look at Black Friday ads.”

“We rotate through our grandparent’s house every Thanksgiving,” Brynli Fawcett said.

Hannah Barrandey said for her families’ traditions that, “We go to our family’s ranch in Menard. We also play card games and watch the Macy’s Parade.”

Barrandey’s favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving is apple pie.

Humphries said that she and her family enjoy many different foods on Thanksgiving including, “Turkey, Ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, cranberries, deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, and lots of desserts.”

On Thanksgiving, Barrandey’s family likes to enjoy, “turkey, all sorts of desserts, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and lots more.”

Fawcett said her favorite part of Thanksgiving was, “Definitely getting together with family!”

Humphires said that spending time with her family was what she was most excited for for Thanksgiving.

Many different people have different favorite foods they like to enjoy on Thanksgiving. “My favorite food is definitely ham,” Fawcett said.

Humphries said that her favorite foods are, “turkey, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, my mom’s pink dip, and rolls.”

Fawcett said that what she was excited for most for Thanksgiving was spending time with family.

Barrandey said getting away and seeing her family was what she was most excited for.

There are many unique ways people celebrate Thanksgiving with their families.