Winter Learn-A-Land

Grace Martinez, Staff Writer

On December 16th Greenwood Elementary held its fifth annual Winter Learn-A-Land from 5:30-7:00.  The whole school was decorated and each grade had a different theme for every hallway. Grades that hosted were pre-k through 2nd, but it was also open to the public for anyone that wanted to come. “It is a fun filled event to capture the holiday spirit,” said the Elementary Principal, Leslie Goodrum. 

Each hallway was decorated according to a certain book: Pre-k and 2nd grade were How To Catch An Elf, Kindergarten was Sneezy The Snowman, and 1st grade was Tacky’s Christmas. Goodrum thinks that this is important for the children because “ it’s based on literacy and making connections to the books and authors”.

It was free of admission and there were plenty of activities for all ages, with reading sessions taking place every 20 minutes. Reindeer Games were held  in the new gym, Mr. and Mrs.Santa Claus were available for pictures in the old gym, and there were two performances by the Grinch in the auditorium. In the cafeteria, the class of 2022 sold pizza, drinks, and snacks.