How does controversy help support the Kardashians’ fame?

Isabel Arsiaga, Features editor

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The Kardashian’s fame has caused a controversy. Many believe that they turn towards social media to create their “empire,” while others believe their fame comes from their talents.

“The Karadashians should not be famous only because they have simply not accomplished anything,” Alondra Sanchez, student, said. “They are talked about all over social media but what for, their pictures, their drama, but never any talent skill sets,” she said. They have a net worth of over $400 million. But the question is, where is all this money coming from?

Another student had a different opinion.

“The Kardashians are famous because they deserve to be,” an anonymous student said. “They have built their empire off their clothing and cosmetic line.”  The student said that they work hard for their money and they deserve the good lifestyle.

Khloe only recently pulled in $20 million from DASH, her store, according to This creates questions about how much money are they truly making off their show? Are the business spin-offs driven by the show, or are the businesses good enough to stand on their own?

There are mixed answers to the question of should the Kardashians be famous or not. The controversy they have created has caused much talk about them. Do you think they should be famous?

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